• ''Without the help I received from Employment Options, I wouldn't have the equipment or the funding needed to start my career.''

    Courtney C.
    Looks Salon, Elliot Lake
  • ''Employment Options has been a great help with finding candidates that fit into our organization.''

    Leigh-Anne D.
    Society for Animals in Distress, Elliot Lake
  • ''The Employment Options staff provided resources that enabled my company to recruit and hire staff. They are always willing and ready to help. A very positive experience!''

    Marc F.
    Forrat's Chocolates
  • ''The organization has been great to deal with, and I would recommend them to other businesses.''

    Tracy M.
    J. Breen Coffee, Elliot Lake
  • ''The staff at Employment Options is wonderful! They have given me the opportunity to realize my full potential in the workforce.''

    Brittney I.
    Kelsey's, London
  • ''It allowed me to start my own business! Without that first step of getting into the Self-Employment Benefit, I wouldn't have even known where to begin.''

    Sloan O.
    Fat Raccoon Bakery, Elliot Lake
  • ''I’m grateful to the Employment Options’ staff who encouraged me and provided valuable tools for my job search. Their approach was humanistic and professional.''  

    Cathrin R.
    Centre francophone, London
  • ''Not only has Employment Options given me the opportunity to find work, but I now have the ability to help others in the Francophone community.''

    Jamie B.
    Employment Options Emploi, London
  • ''The most beneficial aspect of the service is that it allowed me to gain experience in my field, as well as gain a full-time job after the program ended.''

    Taija C.
    Elliot Lake Animal Hospital
  • ''Employment Options was there to help me access the Youth Employment Fund, the staff are outstanding.''

    Kelsey S.
    North Shore Advertising + Printing, Elliot Lake
  • ''It's been great! The staff has been very friendly and easy to deal with. I hired two students for the summer and both are keenly interested in the animal care field.''

    Andrew W.
    Elliot Lake Animal Hospital
  • ''The most beneficial aspect is the fact that I got a permanent job out of the program. My boss is great and the work environment is fantastic.''

    Meghan B.
    J. Breen Coffee, Elliot Lake
  • ''I am grateful to Employment Options for helping me find my passion: working with animals!''

    Caryn P.
    Society for Animals in Distress, Elliot Lake
  • ''My employment consultant worked very hard to help me find a job.''

    Angèle B.
    Hair Central, Sudbury
  • ''I truly appreciate the support that I received from my employment consultant.  Her professionalism as well as her sensitivity to my situation really helped during a period of high stress and uncertainty.''

    Mariane L.
    Rethink Green, Sudbury
  • ''The Self-Employment Benefit was instrumental in helping me start my own business.''

    Jeff C.
    Chi Media & Design, Elliot Lake
  • ''I would just like to extend my gratitude to the staff at Employment Options; without their support I wouldn't be where I am today.''

    Joe G.
    AV Disposall, Elliot Lake
  • ''I was provided the chance to show that I could be useful. The service I was given offered me a real career opportunity.''

    Peter M.
    Yogi's Automotive, Elliot Lake
  • ''I suggest that anyone looking for work sign up with Employment Options; the staff is resourceful and able to help anyone regardless of age, level of education or experience.''

    Tiffany C.
    Counselling Centre of East Algoma, Elliot Lake

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