Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Francophone Professionals in Project Management

This multidimensional full-time program was built to facilitate the integration in the labour market of Internationally Educated Francophone Professionals. By allowing them to transfer their knowledge, skills and work experience in their field of expertise, finishing participants are ideal candidates for bilingual middle management positions that do not require a license or credentials.

Course Outline

1. College-level Courses
GES1031 - Project Management
GES1008 - Human Resources Management
MKT1000 - Marketing Principles
CPT1000 - Accounting I
INF1072 - Business Computer Applications

2. Intensive English Language Course

3. Career Development and Canadian
    Business Communication Training

4. Internship


28 Weeks of classroom instruction + 2 months Internship

Delivery Model

Face-to-Face (in class instruction) + Videoconferencing

Academic Qualification

Attestation of Collegial Studies in Business Administration (Project Management) from Collège Boréal

Eligibility Criteria

• Post-Secondary degree from outside of Canada
• A minimum of 2 years related professional experience
   from outside of Canada
• Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) at minimum
   of level 8 in French
• Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) at minimum
   of level 6 in English
• Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee Status

Tuition fees

$1,650 (grant opportunities)

Toronto (416) 289-5130 Ext. 5115
Hamilton (905) 544-9824 Ext. 7316
London (519) 451-5194 Ext. 7132
Windsor (519) 948-6019 Ext.7617