Frequently Asked Questions

For employees

What if I’m not sure what kind of job I want?

There are resources available for you to determine educational and employment goals, as well as counseling services to assist you in making a career decision and developing an appropriate action plan. As much assistance as you require can be provided through one-on-one counseling, workshops, resource materials, or referrals to other appropriate agencies.

Do I have to find my own job, or will I get help in finding a job?

We provide information on job search techniques such as resume writing, interview skills, accessing the job market and approaching employers through workshops and individual counselling. If self-marketing is not working for you, we can assist in matching you to employers that are participating in the program.

If I have an interview, how can you help?

We will provide tips on how to prepare for an interview and even offer a mock interview so that you are better prepared to face the challenge.

If I get a job through the program, how much will I get paid?

Wages will vary according to the position and the employer with whom you are working. You will receive at least the minimum wage required by law.

How many hours per week do I work?

Hours will be determined by the employer and discussed with you prior to starting the job.

For employers

What is Employment Options?

Employment Options is an employment program funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  This program, with support from local businesses, provides job seekers, in particular youth and New Canadians, with practical "on-the-job training" and experience required to strengthen our labour force.  We have a diverse pool of candidates with varying educational backgrounds, experience and skill level.

Are you eligible to participate in Employment Options?

In order to participate in the Employment Options program and benefit from training incentives, there are certain conditions:

  • Your business must be registered in Ontario
  • You must provide WSIB or alternative coverage
  • You must have third-party liability insurance

If you do not meet these conditions, you may still be eligible for our job posting services.

Why should your organization participate in Employment Options Program?

The Employment Options team will refer candidates to an employer, with the intention of meeting their immediate and long-term hiring needs.  The Employment Options team will assist your company in reducing your recruiting, advertising and training costs.  You may even be eligible to access a job trial which would allow for an evaluation of the employees’ potential before committing to hiring.

What is the training incentive?

The training incentive amount and duration of the placement varies, depending on different factors:

  • Skill level of the participant
  • Wage offered
  • Job description and requirements
  • Expected length of time required to train the participant

The logistics of each placement will be agreed upon at the time you decide to hire, but generally ranges from 8 to 16 weeks, up to a maximum of 26 weeks in specific circumstances, such as an apprenticeship opportunity.  Each placement is different from the other since no two participants and jobs are alike.

How is the participant paid?

The participant is placed on your payroll and is your employee, paid by your company.  They must receive at least minimum wage plus 4% vacation pay.  You are required to make all regular deductions (CPP, EI and federal tax) and pay overtime if accumulated according to the Employment Standards Act.

How are you reimbursed?

We will provide you with blank forms at the time the agreement is signed.  They are simple and easy to use.  You will be required to complete and submit these invoices reflecting the amount of hours the employee has worked with payroll documentation on a regular basis.  You will then be reimbursed the training incentive amount determined in the agreement for the duration of the placement.

How do you register?

Simply complete the Employment Options Employer Information form, including Federal Business Number and Workplace Safety Insurance Coverage details.  Upon receipt, we will forward résumés of potential candidates for you to review.  If they interest you, go ahead and call them in for an interview.  Once you meet the candidate(s), contact the Employment Options office to provide your feedback and hopefully inform them of your intention to hire and determine the details of the training.

Does this program mean a lot of time and paperwork?

We simply require that you sign a placement agreement and that you agree to a training plan.  Blank reimbursement forms will be provided as well as assistance to fill them out.