Looking for a job

Services for job seekers

One-on-one services 

Employment Options staff offers individual assistance to help clients achieve their employment goals by providing a variety of activities or interventions:

  • Establish client employability and training needs and set short and long-term goals
  • Develop an action plan an identify the steps required to meet the training/employment goals
  • Explore careers, trades and professions and provide information on apprenticeship
  • Coaching in life skills that supports successful employment
  • Orientation to the workplace:  expectations and responsibilities of employers, Canadian workplace culture, etc.
  • Preparation of job search tools, including résumé, cover letter and job applications
  • Job search strategies and ongoing coaching during job search process
  • Strategies for a successful interview
  • Assist internationally trained individuals assess their skills, experience and credentials against Ontario's professional standards and develop short and long term strategies for achieving professional accreditation and employment.
  • Provide assistance with other employability related issues such as housing, transportation, daycare and settlement services
  • Refer clients to other community services and programs, including Literacy and Basic Skills, language training, etc.

* To access these one-on-one services, clients may have to meet eligibility criteria.

Resource and information

Services are primarily self-directed although staff is available for direction and general support. The following information and resources are available:

  • Community services and programs;
  • Workplace safety information, including rights and responsibilities of individuals;
  • Local labour market information;
  • Assistance in identifying and matching career interests, skills and aptitudes, including self-employment;
  • Based on community need, general orientation information sessions for internationally trained individuals;
  • Occupationally specific information sessions;
  • Orientation on general apprenticeship;
  • Information on specific professions/trades;
  • Assistance in developing a job search strategy;
  • Job postings through agency website or job board;
  • Assistance in accessing computer and internet based services  (such as e-mail, on-line career resources and tools);
  • Assistance in preparing a résumé and cover letter;
  • Interview techniques/skills.


Visitors may access the following tools for their job search:

  • computers and internet
  • telephone and fax
  • books, documents, guides and other resources
  • job search and career planning websites and/or software

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